Unfinished Italy


Tre appuntamenti per una nuova rassegna curata dall'Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori della Provincia di Brescia in collaborazione con Nuovo Eden.
Un progetto di comunicazione dedicato alla divulgazione del pensiero architettonico legato a temi di attualità.


Mercoledì 29 ottobre ore 19.30
 di Benoit Felici durata: 32’
Silvia Botti Direttore rivista ABITARE
Benoit Felici Regista
Alessandro Rocca Docente presso il Politecnico di Milano
Mercoledì 12 novembre ore 20.30
 di Gianfranco Rosi durata: 90’
Nicolò Bassetti Paesaggista e autore del libro Sacro Romano GRA
Mercoledì 17 dicembre ore 20.30

di Wim Wenders durata: 78’
Pippo Ciorra Senior Curator MAXXI Roma 
Fabio Mingardi Circolo del Cinema, Nuovo Mascherino


W CUBE at Miaw 2014

the Cube is a white squared kiosk in the atrium of our school, a small temporary pavilion which was built in December 2013, in occasion of the laurea honoris causa to Alvaro Siza. We have occupied this sizian space using it as a billboard where to exhibit info, texts and images, and we also transformed its interior space in a workspace, in a reading room for our Miawspaper and documents and in a tv set for W TV, making here some of the interviews with Miaw teachers and students.

W Display – Miaw 2014

This table presents a display of the work made by the Miaw 2014 W Section, a work which produced on three different domains.
The first one is the printed page domain, where we produced two publications. The first is a Miawspaper, quite a daily sheet which follows the everyday life of Miaw. The second one is a book, a real instantaneous volume, which collects documents on the many remarkable theorical and practical Miaw events.
The second domain is the physical, where we used the Cube, the white squared kiosk in the atrium of our school, a small temporary pavilion which was built in December 2013, in occasion of the laurea honoris causa to Alvaro Siza. We have occupied this sizian space using it as a billboard where exhibit info, texts and images, and also transforming its interior space in a workspace, in a reading room for our documents and in a tv set, where we did some of the many interviews with Miaw teachers and students.
The third domain is the internet, the virtual cloud where we found some cozy niches creating a blog, opening and filling a youtube channel with our videos, activating a facebook page often connected with other institutional and non institutional pages. The fourt channel is the Miaw website that is still sleeping but we would like to take it to a new and real, or virtual, and better life soon. 
The fourth domain is this table, the place where the work made in those other domains, or dimensions, leaves its temporary footprint, exposing real books, the newspapers migrated from the not so far white cube, and the internet, present here in a proliferation of QR codes which invite you, visitor, to acts the link to our pages.

Talk about MIAW 2014


Aristotelian Urbanism

Proposte di percorsi nella Milano di ieri e di oggi

Martedì 23 settembre 2014
Milano e l’architettura: proposte di percorsi nella Milano di ieri e di oggi.

Expo Gate, ore 18,00.

Con Carlo Berizzi (Presidente Associazione Interessi Metropolitani), Alessandro Scandurra (Architetto – Scandurra Studio), Gianandrea Barreca (Architetto – Studio Barreca e La Varra), Alessandro Rocca (Architetto – Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani del Politecnico di Milano).


Miaw 2014

Milano International Architecture Workshop 2014
MIAW 2014 - design studio weeks per iscritti OAPPC
29 Settembre 2014 - 11 Ottobre 2014
DAStU > aperte le iscrizioni per:
Corsi formativi professionali per architetti in collaborazione con Ordine Architetti Paesaggisti Pianificatori Conservatori
3 Laboratori e 1 ciclo di conferenze
La partecipazione ai laboratori consente l’acquisizione di 15 cfp.
scarica il programma:
Informazioni e iscrizioni:
mailto: miawpolimi2014@gmail.com
Scuola di Architettura e Società, via Ampère 2, Milano


Athens POLI09

Athens POLI09 intensive course "The Art of Building Cities", Politecnico di Milano

professors responsible: Ernesto d'Alfonso, Lorenzo Degli Esposti
participating professors and researchers: Antonella Contin, Ernesto d’Alfonso, Maddalena d’Alfonso, Lorenzo Degli-Esposti, Ariela Rivetta
tutors: Giacomo Ardesio, Stefano D’Armento, Monia Giannotta, Claudia Mainardi, Giulia Ragnoli, Federico Rosson, Daniele Zerbi

friday, NOV 22nd 2013
2 PM - 4 PM
Politecnico di Milano
aula master, via Bonardi 2 (fifth floor), 20133 Milan

panel: Elisa Cristiana Cattaneo (POLIMI), Antonella Contin (POLIMI), Ernesto d’Alfonso (POLIMI/ArcDueCittà), Maddalena d'Alfonso (POLIMI), Lorenzo Degli Esposti (POLIMI/AUFO), Nicolò Privileggio (POLIMI), Stefano Recalcati (POLIMI/Arup), Alessandro Rocca (POLIMI), Bert Theis (IsolaArtCenter)

5 urban topics / 5 case studies / 5 resisting strategies

SPRAWLING: Kortrijk, North of Lille
SHRINKING: Corktown, Detroit
TABULARAZING: Queenstown, Singapore
GATING: Westlake, Cape Town
SLUMMING: Dharavi, Mumbai 


Alvaro Siza, Politecnico di Milano


Politecnico di Milano, 15, 16 e 17 ottobre 2013


LAUREA AD HONOREM PER SIZA Politecnico di Milano, 15, 16 e 17 ottobre 2013

Laurea Magistrale ad Honorem in Architettura ad Álvaro Siza Vieira
Politecnico di Milano Scuola di Architettura e Società 15, 16 e 17 ottobre 2013

Inaugurazione della mostra: Álvaro Siza, disegni e maquette
martedì 15 ottobre 2013
ore 18.30, Saluto del Magnifico Rettore del Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Giovanni Azzone 
ore 18.40, Saluto dell’Ambasciatore Manuel Lobo Antunes 
ore 18.50, Saluto della Preside della Scuola di Architettura e Società, Prof.ssa Ilaria Valente 
ore 19.00, Presentazione della mostra, Arch. Maddalena d’Alfonso

Cerimonia di conferimento della Laurea Magistrale ad Honorem ad Álvaro Siza Vieira
mercoledì 16 ottobre 2013
ore 17.15, Saluto del Magnifico Rettore del Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Giovanni Azzone 
ore 17.20, Presentazione della Preside, Prof.ssa Ilaria Valente 
ore 17.45, Laudatio, Prof. Remo Dorigati 
ore 18.00, Lectio Magistralis, Prof. Álvaro Siza Vieira
ore 18.20, Lettura delle motivazioni, Prof.ssa Ilaria Valente ore 
18.30, Conferimento della Laurea Magistrale ad Honorem in Architettura

Giornata di studio: Milano – Porto, Architettura e Scuola 
giovedì 17 ottobre 2013
ore 10.30, introduce Prof.ssa Ilaria Valente, Preside 
ore 10.50, Prof. Vittorio Gregotti 
ore 11.35, Prof. Álvaro Siza Vieira 
ore 12.30, Prof. Nuno Portas, FAUP
ore 12.50, Arch. Maddalena d’Alfonso
break lunch

La scuola
ore 15.00, introduce Prof.ssa Guya Bertelli, Coordinatore del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura 
ore 15.20, Prof. Remo Dorigati 
ore 15.40, Prof. Francesco Barata, FAUP 
ore 16.00, Viaggio d’Architettura: una nota personale di Giacomo Borella, Roberto Cremascoli,
Angelo Lunati, Paolo Mestriner, Enrico Molteni, Camilo Rebelo

ore 17.15, introduce Prof. Marco Biraghi 
ore 17.30, Prof. Adalberto Dias, FAUP 
ore 17.45, Prof. Roberto Collovà 
ore 18.00, Prof. Pierluigi Nicolin


Recycling Socialism – Tallinn Linnahall


International Architecture Schools’ Exhibition opening

Date: 2013-09-04
Time: 20:00
Location: Linnahall foyer (Mere pst 20)
Price: free
The international Architecture Schools' Exhibition presents innovative ways of studying, preserving, and, if necessary, redefining architecture and its values. What kind of means and methods can be used for that? The exhibition showcases the challenges of spatial creation: exploring and experimenting, and the future potentials rising from that – with the world's leading architecture schools as examples. Presentations of the exhibited works, discussions and guided tours of Linnahall will take place during the opening week of the Biennale. The exhibition remains open until September 29th.


Linnahall Spaceship

Photo by Matteo Poli

Built for the Olympic Games of 1980 as a Sport and Cultural Center in Tallinn harbor, the Linnahall is a huge abandoned complex which belongs to the archeology of the Soviet empire.
Too big to be used, too big to be demolished.
Inside the Linnahall our students are preparing the exhibit of our Design Studio.
opening tonite at 8:00 pm

Linnahall in Tallinn. Photo: Dmitri Bruns (1980)


Gallaratese Redux

Our Design Studio (Politecnico di Milano – Matteo Poli, Riccardo Mazzoni, Alessandro Rocca) is invited to participate at TAB, Tallinn Architecture Biennale, "Recycling Socialism".

Our topic: Ground Zero – Gallaratese Rewind (40 years after Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi project)

Foto di Gabriele Basilico

Politecnico di Milano
, School of Architecture and Society, Italy
Studio: Ground Zero – Gallaratese Redux
Spring 2013
Lecturers: Matteo Poli, Alessandro Rocca, Riccardo Mazzoni

Students were asked to complete a project, defined to proper scale, of landscape, environmental design and/or architecture. Continuous social, economical and political transformations were the framework of each intervention as driving forces for the fragility of contemporary physical environment.
As an interface between city and architecture, landscape and built environment, GROUND LEVEL a.k.a. ground zero has been used as a canvas for social protest, as a manifesto for architectural styles, as a technological device to control climate, accesses, aura and status of buildings.
During the semester the class deeply investigated how ground level has evolved in architecture and urbanism. They designed a series of interlocking examples to obtain a new city utopia based on street sections with a specific look to the last 100 years. Sections and 1.1 frottages tell a story of a urban ecosystem.
We aim to refine design capacities of each student and to increase critical and analytical abilities, fundamental in contemporary architecture debate and profession.

TAB Architecture Schools' Exhibition

The International Architecture Schools' Exhibition invites students and professors from several renowned Architecture Schools from all over the globe to biennale's discussion.

The traditional result of architects’ work is designed space, a material result born in a complicated process of quest. How much is architecture (in the meaning of designed space) influenced by the approaches chosen for creating it? The International Architecture School Exhibition proposes and introduces different methods of studying, defining and questioning space from the most pragmatic and practical to philosophical and contemplative. Attention is shifted from architecture as a matter of fact to architecture as a process of critical thinking. Can unexpected methods of creating space result in unpredictable types of space?

By concentrating and introducing different critical ideas, starting-points, and perspectives, the schools’ exhibition raises the question: how might different methods of approach function in the context of recycling the historical Soviet-era space?


Risky Architecture

Politecnico di Milano 
Scuola di architettura e società
laurea magistrale in "Architecture"
Design Studio #1
proff. Matteo Poli, Riccardo Mazzoni, Alessandro Rocca