W Display – Miaw 2014

This table presents a display of the work made by the Miaw 2014 W Section, a work which produced on three different domains.
The first one is the printed page domain, where we produced two publications. The first is a Miawspaper, quite a daily sheet which follows the everyday life of Miaw. The second one is a book, a real instantaneous volume, which collects documents on the many remarkable theorical and practical Miaw events.
The second domain is the physical, where we used the Cube, the white squared kiosk in the atrium of our school, a small temporary pavilion which was built in December 2013, in occasion of the laurea honoris causa to Alvaro Siza. We have occupied this sizian space using it as a billboard where exhibit info, texts and images, and also transforming its interior space in a workspace, in a reading room for our documents and in a tv set, where we did some of the many interviews with Miaw teachers and students.
The third domain is the internet, the virtual cloud where we found some cozy niches creating a blog, opening and filling a youtube channel with our videos, activating a facebook page often connected with other institutional and non institutional pages. The fourt channel is the Miaw website that is still sleeping but we would like to take it to a new and real, or virtual, and better life soon. 
The fourth domain is this table, the place where the work made in those other domains, or dimensions, leaves its temporary footprint, exposing real books, the newspapers migrated from the not so far white cube, and the internet, present here in a proliferation of QR codes which invite you, visitor, to acts the link to our pages.