The F Landscape. Preflooded Wetlands

Unexpectedly apropos of the previous post, Liam Young of Tomorrow's Thoughts Today, together with Darryl Chen, has created a series of quite beautiful images called "Postcards from a Green Future" – one of which, seen above, uses the Maunsell Sea Forts as a gantried foundation for suburban anti-flood design in an idyllic southeast England.

The entire suite of images is almost farcically green – it's sustainability redone as Grand Guignol. These speculative scenes of "a green future" show us an over-the-top, solar-powered utopia of detached single-family houses and wind turbines, woven together with light rail and renewable energy technologies; it's an Eden of sprawl spreading out into London's most distant scattered cityscape. 

(from tje fabulous BLGBLOG)