For Sale: Smithsons Levitt House

Initially design by David Levitt with later additions by Alison and Peter Smithson, the house is described as one of finest architect-designed homes in Britain and in a perfect location - overlooking a lake and a 13th century church.

The character of the original design has been maintained, with the accomodation including two bedrooms (one with en-suite), entrance area, reception, kitchen/dining area, larder and plenty of garden, not to mention a separate Smithson-designed summer house/artist's studio and Smithson-designed poured concrete path that leads from the driveway, up the garden and to the front of the house.

In fact, the house is so significant, it even has its own archive at the V&A. £800,000 will get you ownership to this ‘lost Modernist masterpiece’ - a shrewd investment if you have money to invest.

(from Retrotogo)

As their greatest and most heroic project is about to bite the dust after decades of slow demolition by neglect, Alison and Peter Smithson’s remaining body of work increasingly looks like the Cheshire cat’s grin – exactly at the point when they seem to be vanishing they are also achieving a prominence they haven’t enjoyed in decades. Irony just isn’t a strong enough word to describe the situation where two highly influential architects who devoted most of their lives to developing models for social housing will end up being represented by a school, a number of delightful but unrepresentative middle class houses, an office building and finally a shed.

(from Adaptivereuse)