floating wellness center in Berlin

berlin badeschiff - AMP arquitectos

A very interesting plan for a floating wellness centre with views over the city of Berlin.

Designed to permit use of the swimming pools and wellness centre even in the Berlin winter, Badeschiff has a layered roof with three clear and opaque membranes wrapping around three different (but communicating) platforms.
The plan by AMP Arquitectos of Spain is based on a particular roofing system composed of membranes supported by curved wooden arches recovered from an old freighter.
The structure’s shape is due to the support of the big arches and to jets of air which maintain the correct tension for resistance to wind and provide thermal insulation for the inside of the three platforms.


piscina a berlino

piscina a Berlino
di AMP Arquitectos


Floating House / Architettura navigante

The ARK is a floating community centre and exhibition space for the promotion of local architecture. A tugboat will pull the ARK to visit the towns along the canals of Friesland.
It is based on the concept of a beehive, an enclosed space with a single entry point and illuminated by daylight from a narrow slit at the top.
The architect won the competition organised by Friesland’s architecture committee in 1998. With the support of local sponsors and volunteers, the ARK was completed last year.

Location: various, Friesland, Netherlands
Architect: TWA Architecten with Gunnar Daan
Client: ARK Fryslân
Type of project: Exhibition building
Completion: 2008