Risky Architecture

Politecnico di Milano 
Scuola di architettura e società
laurea magistrale in "Architecture"
Design Studio #1
proff. Matteo Poli, Riccardo Mazzoni, Alessandro Rocca


Ra Di Martino, Abandoned star wars film sets in the tunisian desert"

No More Stars
33°50’34 n 7°46’44
E Chot el-gharsa, Tunisia, 2010
© Ra di Martino

After spending over a month traveling around chott el djerid in tunisia, new york-based visual artist and filmmaker rä di martino has captured a series of photographs of the abandoned star wars film sets.

Titled 'no more stars,' the images of her collection showcase the ruins of luke skywalker’s home on the fictional desert planet Tatooine. Constructed out of mud, cement-covered MDF and coiled aluminum, the particular hot and dry climate has helped keep many parts of the sets intact, or buried under the sand. After years of deterioration, the remains seem to appear like ancient ruins and archeological sites.


Cavalcavia Bussa Workshop, Milano

Workshop di progetto urbano diretto da Marco Navarra.

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