Light Space, by Do-Ho Suh

Do-Ho Suh is a korean painter and sculptor. After having a basic art education he continued his studies in the USA. Such "transcultural" experience and loss of touch with parents influenced deeply on Suh's creative works. In his clear, expressive and large-scale works the space and psychology are the main themes. Do-Ho Suh explores thin border between masses, power of numbers and similarity. The explorations often assume urgent social forms. Many of the works consist of multiple repeating elements that represent separate independent objects. (from ONEOFF, Designboom)

the perfect home II (detail), 2003

installation at the gallery lehmann maupin, new york
image courtesy gallery lehmann maupin

‘screen’, 2004
installation at the museum for world culture in gothenburg, sweden
image courtesy gallery lehmann maupin, new york

Psycho Buildings: Artists Take on Architecture

Designer: Ernesto Neto, Do Ho Suh, Mike Nelson & Atelier Bow-Wow
Location: London, UK
Image Credits: Do Ho Suh